Scratched Eyeglasses and a Broken Mug

While I was up in Montreat, a couple of freak accidents happened… well, at least from my vantage point they seemed a bit freakish.

First, a brand new coffee mug I received at a conference up in Minneapolis descends barely a foot to the ground after falling off a chair… and the handle breaks off the thing. I decided not to give up on it, though, so I was carrying this sullen-looking, broke-down, handle-coveting coffee cup around the mountains while often fielding the question, “Oh, what happened to your mug?”

Then, in a similar incident, I dropped my eyeglasses on the ground outside a local pizza joint– once again, no more than a foot off the ground– and, after picking them up, noticed that the left lens had incurred a series of scratches directly in my line of sight.


So now I’m walking around feeling like I’ve got a gnat in my eye that won’t come out whilst my coffee mug is being mocked in class by the other coffee mugs.

Brokenness ain’t easy. That’s all I’m sayin’.


~ by presbytide on July 28, 2010.

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