A Breather

As I write this, students, faculty, and staff are staring straight in the face of one the most (oxy)moronic names for a week I can think of: Dead Week. Which, as implied by that opening sentence, is anything but.

Papers. Labs. Final projects. All to be written and performed and presented and, for professors, graded. All leading up to the climactic part of any semester: Exam Week.

Which means things are about to change here in Tuscaloosa. The hustle and bustle that was academic year 2009-10 is soon to be replaced by sleepy, Southern-ness… albeit with a summer school edge. In two weeks’ time, traffic snarls on University and Bryant will clear up a bit as 20,000 or so students head out of town to summer internships, jobs, and a little R&R at the lake or beach. And one Presbyterian campus minister will be left to reflect upon the year that was and what all will be in store for 2010-11.

Hard to believe that it was in August when a group of Westminster Fellowship students and College Committee members gathered to plan the year ahead. Harder still to believe that it was October (seems like yesterday) when Westminster Fellowship had its first ever Fall Retreat at the Loper farm. And then there was the Christmas Party at the Hancocks’, Montreat’s College Conference in January, two mission trips over Spring Break, and just now a spaghetti luncheon in April.

We’ve discussed interpretations and theologies of the Incarnation on Monday nights. We’ve also gone over the ramifications of “mission(s)” at our Bible studies. We’ve moved from two studies at 6:00 and 8:00 to one at 7:00, so the whole group can be together.

We’ve covered a lot of ground… and yet there is still much to be done.

I think summer comes at a good time for our group. To be honest, I get the sense that our students, like much of our community in Tuscaloosa, has a bit of spring fever. And who can blame them?

So much has changed in our neck of the woods. So much for just 2 1/2 years. And the only thing I can hope is that this summer– for all of us– allows us space to breathe. To gather ourselves. To take a look around at the world that escapes us when we’re in our own little bubbles.

Because there is still much to be done. At Westminster Fellowship. At First Presbyterian. At the University of Alabama. And wherever we go.

Take a breath. Because even God took a breather when it was all said and done.


~ by presbytide on April 25, 2010.

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