Getting Away

Vacation. Guilt.

Two words that come hand-in-hand for me this week. In the midst of thinking about Haiti, saying things like, “Stopped watching the news on Port-au-Prince. Couldn’t take it anymore.” Doesn’t seem at all fair. Not for them. Not of me.

They can’t escape their ‘rubbled’ lives. They can’t leave. Can’t get away. Can’t stop. Why should I?

Yet I take a vacation. One week per quarter. All in the name of self-care. Self-preservation.

Understandable? Sure.

Selfish? In many ways, I think so. At this point in time I do. Not always the case.

But now? Getting away just doesn’t feel right. Not now, at least. Not now.

Not now.


~ by presbytide on January 25, 2010.

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