What Just Happened?

Yeah… just found this hidden in my blog’s draft files… just never got around to posting it. I wrote it in response to Anna Carter Florence’s sermon on the Canaanite woman that she preached at the College Conference @ Montreat. Needed to get some words out after hearing it, and this is the ‘blah’ that I came up with. It’s a little raw, but sometimes prayer and faith can be that way…

So, I’m actually typing this in the middle of worship here at Montreat’s College Conference. And, Anna Carter Florence, the preacher for the weekend, just rocked my world. She talked about a text in Matthew that has always given me fits. I mean, a text I freakin’ hate. Or, at least I did. And I still might…

It’s the story about the Canaanite woman with the sick daughter, and she’s totally at the end of her rope. So, in her desperation, she goes to find Jesus, who’s the only one she believes can help. She shouts for him outside, crying out, hoping that he might do something… anything… to help. The disciples do what they can to send her away. Doesn’t work. So Jesus goes on to say it’s not fair to let the dogs eat the children’s crumbs. Of course, this isn’t good enough. Not for her. Because, in her mind’s eye, even the dogs eat the crumbs from the master’s table.

I’ll be honest with you… what Jesus says here has always pissed me off. I mean, what the hell? How can he say this to her? How can he be so dismissive? You’re God, right? You’re perfect! Just because you’re a little tired doesn’t mean you have to go off and be a jerk… or at least act like one.

And yeah, in the past, I’ve tried to defend you on this one. I’ve tried to figure out how ‘perfection’ works through what seems like a very definite flaw. I believe you are what you are… you’re the Son. You’re, you know, fully God.

But maybe Anna got it right. Maybe this was some sort of wake-up call for you. Maybe the Canaanite woman was like a prophet for you… someone to say, “Hey! Get out there! We need you… NOW!!!” Maybe it was possible for you to have an off day. Maybe, I don’t know… maybe I just see you differently now.


~ by presbytide on January 21, 2010.

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