An Open Plea For Haiti

Been listening to a little Springsteen today. My City of Ruins:

With these hands, I pray for the faith, Lord.

With these hands, I pray for your love, Lord.

With these hands, I pray for the strength, Lord.

With these hands, I pray for your love, Lord.

Thinking about Haiti. Thinking about Port-Au-Prince. Thinking about what seems like an ill-fated world… once a Garden of Eden… now this.

Seems as though too often the poorest places in the world get screwed. If it’s not an earthquake, it’s a mudslide. And if it’s not a mudslide, it’s a hurricane. And if it’s not a hurricane, it’s a thousand years worth of bad luck and karma that just doesn’t seem to change.

Pictures from the scene– lives strewn about, bloodstained pavement, rock and dust polluting skin, and the bodies… the bodies.

I reckon as a person of faith I’m supposed to dissect this scene and uncover the Divine. Funny. I’m actually the one who looks to the faithful, the ones who pray in the streets of Haiti, and am in awe. I suppose that’s where I encounter God… through encounters belonging to others.

We’re supposed to go down there in a couple of months. We’re slated to work with an organization called Hearts With Haiti, which deals primarily with children who have been victimized by slavery or who have been orphaned due to sickness and/or violence. We also were going to work in some hospitals while serving with the Brothers and Sisters of Charity, Mother Teresa’s organization. But, seeing as how some hospitals have sustained considerable damage, and the places we were going to stay have been devastated… don’t really know what’s next. One thing I do know: if we go, the nature of the trip has changed fundamentally.

I just hope we don’t ignore Haiti anymore. If we ignore anything, let it be apathy. Because that’s what really tears this world apart. I guess we just gotta listen to Bruce, like he says in that song I was listening to earlier:

C’mon rise up! C’mon rise up! C’mon rise up! C’mon rise up!

If you want to check out Hearts With Haiti, here’s their link. Read their story. Check out what they’re doing. And, if you feel so led, support them in any way you can:


~ by presbytide on January 13, 2010.

One Response to “An Open Plea For Haiti”

  1. James, James, what a beautiful and heart felt prayer/blog you have posted. Thank you for putting words to so many of my feelings. I know you and Rach are devastated and confused and wondering what the future holds for this trip. Please know I am praying for the two of you amongst my prayers for God’s children in Haiti, for some sense of peace about all of this. Love to you!

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