Inquiring Mind Wants To Know

There's probably a campus ministry just for Gollums.

There's probably a campus ministry just for Gollums.

I’m just going to get straight to the point tonight. I’m a campus minister in a “market” where there is no lack of campus ministries in the area. Every denomination has one– maybe two– of ’em. Then there are the parachurch ministries and the ministires for internationals and the ministries that meet for Bible study and the ministries that meet for worship and the ministries for hobbits and the ministries for left-handed people and on and on and on.

I mean, at Bama’s Get On Board Day, a day at the beginning of the school year devoted to soliciting (I don’t think this word is too off base) students to join one organization or another, there was a whole swath of ministries situated along a path in such a way that, when a student walked along the aforementioned path, it probably made him/her feel like one of those football players coming out of the tunnel at the Super Bowl with people screaming and shouting and calling their name. It was kind of overwhelming.

And, ya know, I’m all for doing God’s work. It’s good that there are so many people who feel called to do outreach in a place like this. And, to each her own when it comes to choosing a particular ministry.

The question I ask when it comes right down to it is this: what are most college students looking for?

Are they looking for a more evangelical form of campus ministry?

Are they looking for ministries with hundreds (or maybe thousands) of students?

Are they looking for intimacy in ministry? The sort of ministry where there are only a couple dozen students who meet once a week for Bible study?

Are they looking for ministries of social justice?

Are they looking for strictly denominationally-based campus ministries or does that even matter?

And, in a place like Bama where there seems to be a campus ministry for everyone, is there something that’s missing? That’s the really important question to me. Is there something new under the sun when it comes to campus ministry?

Because, you see, an inquiring mind wants to know. And feedback is more than welcome.


~ by presbytide on October 15, 2009.

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