Yeah, I know…

UASignage04_10cSo, I haven’t done this blogging thing in awhile. Partially because I was waiting for our new website to get launched at First Pres. And, let’s be honest… I just got lazy.

So, I’m back. Starting tomorrow, it’s a new school year. Pretty crazy. The summer flew by. And, as of December, I will have been here 2 years. Yikes… time flies by much too quickly.

But I think it’s going to be an awesome year for us at WF. Lots of exciting new things happening. We’ve got our first ever Fall Retreat on October 8-9. We’re doing an international mission trip this Spring Break for the first time. And, if last night was any indication, we’re going to have a lot of new faces on the scene this year.

Now that we’ve got our own website, I’ll be using this blog for more personal reasons… namely, thoughts/prayers/randomnesses about what’s going on in life and in the world. Like, for instance, the fact that nearly NO good movies came out this summer. What a disappointment (I mean you Harry Potter. And don’t think you got away with it either, Terminator: Salvation). And that I FULLY expect Georgia Tech to go 17-0 this year. And (this should evoke response) the fact that I’m not sure Bama wins 10 this year. Well, maybe I do, but I’m always up for playing devil’s advocate. One can always hope (see 17-0).

Anyway, I will be updating this thing more often, especially since now I have a little link on our campus ministry home page… which is frightening. I’ll try not to be too irreverent… but I can’t make any promises.

Until then… JG


~ by presbytide on August 18, 2009.

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