Montreat Housing and Bus Lists (updated 12/30), Covenants, Etc…

All right… just to make things easier for the folks who are heading up to Montreat (especially the post-grads who’ll be leading the trip), I’ve decided to go ahead and put up the house lists so y’all can know exactly where to go after you unload at Montreat. So, without further ado, here they are:

Hugh Lee House
Amy Echols                                                   
Connie Crutchfield                                    
Liz Hester                                                       
Elizabeth Walker                                         
Danie Coon                                   
Mary Meigs Jackson
Marilyn Tucker                                            
AK Powell
Gena Casey                                  
Frannie Chenoweth                                  
Nancy Cooper
Caroline Badger                                        
Katie Turpen               ‘                              

Sloopy Hollow
Lou Ann Sellers                        
Audrey Smith                                            
Liz Kline                                                        
Elizabeth Hill
Meagan Allred                                          
Lauren Allred                                             
Erika Gam                                                    
LeighAnn Floyd                                         
Shannon Smith
Grace Findley                                                            
Cathie Price
Stefanie Chapman                                                   

DuBard House
Barrett Abernethy                                   
Wade Smith                                               
Russ Peters                                                
Will O’Donnell                           
Daniel Miles                                                               
Caleb McKerley                                        
Travis Hicks                                                 
Collin Webster                                          
Chris Gattozzi                            
Seth Bullock                                                               
Adam Sutherland                                     
Jeffrey Burrowes                                     
Quint Northen

Soon, I’ll be posting the “What to Bring” List, so keep on the lookout for that.

Oh, and if you haven’t printed out and filled out your covenant or seen the schedule, you must do so. You CANNOT get on the bus unless you have paid the $155 and have your covenants filled out.

And you need to see the schedule to know where to be and when you have to be there.

Finally, check out the bus list so WE CAN BE SURE that we have EVERYBODY on the buses that we need. Let me know if we have your information correct (that you’re on the bus, that we’re picking you up/dropping you off in the right place). You can facebook me or email me at to let me know.

Thanks y’all. Peace.


~ by presbytide on December 11, 2008.

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