I Have To Wonder

In less than two weeks now, it’ll all be over… God willing. Granted, it’s just one election in a whole history of elections. And there will always be politicking going on. But seriously… this thing has gone on FOR-E-VER.

And sometimes I wonder what Jesus would have to say about all of this. True… politicians are in a position to change the world… a president especially so. But I wonder what Jesus would say about the millions and millions of dollars being spent on these campaigns. Barack Obama breaking fundraising records, John McCain owning 7 houses. Don’t know… there’s a lot of poverty out there, a lot of hungry people on the streets.

Maybe it’s just a necessary evil. Maybe I’m being too simplistic or too naive. I’m no authority on the world of campaign financing or anything like that, but I do wonder what Jesus thinks about it. I think we should all be wondering about that.

Which brings me to the issue of faith and politics. You know, I hear a lot about the separation of church and state. I can see that… I think it’s a good thing for the Church! Lord knows the state makes some decisions with which I as a church member wouldn’t want to be affiliated… and I’m sure the state (whoever that is) may feel the same way about the Church. But, to me, faith and politics are not mutually exclusive. I’m serious. If there’s a disconnect between what you do in the polls and what you believe when you go to church, well… I’m just not so sure.

But that’s just me… not Westminster Fellowship or the Presbyterian Church. Me– James Goodlet. But, given our context, I think these are some things we should be considering. After all, our faith and our politics are centerstage these days. So what do we do with that?


~ by presbytide on October 22, 2008.

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