Faith and S.E.X.

Well… last night we started a three-week talk on faith and sex(uality). And, I have to say, I came away feeling pretty good about how it all went. I mean, let’s be honest, it ain’t like that’s the most…er… comfortable thing to talk about in the world. Not so much. And yet, y’all were able to be real, to be honest and completely open about it. So… props to y’all for that. It made my job that much easier.

We’ll continue our chat about faith and sex(uality) next week as we move into the realm of relationships. It should be interesting… at least, I hope so.

I know y’all are looking forward to Fall Break, so I wish y’all a great one. Get some rest, enjoy the bye week, and I’ll see y’all when you get back.


~ by presbytide on October 7, 2008.

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