Pastor/Student Day @ WF and Other Ramblings…

For those of you who don’t always read all the way through (Caleb McKerley), let me just go ahead and remind you about Thursday night– Pastor/Student Day (that’s a picture of it from last year to the left). It’ll go something like this: we gather at the Student Center around 5:30. We meet and greet and then describe what it is we do at WF. Then we will head over to the UPC Chapel where we will have a brief worship service from 6-6:45. Afterwards, the pastors will take students out to dinner. IF your pastor isn’t here, then tag along with another group of folks.

I thought last night was really interesting. To hear what people had to say about evangelism… especially from a predominantly Presbyterian perspective… was pretty insightful. We talked about how evangelism isn’t merely a one-to-one conversation. It’s more like a lifestyle. It’s words and actions. It’s relationships. And… I’d venture to say it’s something we don’t need to fear. So… good chat last night.

On the other hand, there was football… hmmmm. Great effort by WF last night, although we came up a bit short. I think D. Miles said it best when he wouldn’t let me call a timeout because he wanted the game to be over. That being said, most of us had a good time last night (I think). I have every confidence that, with some practice, our team has potential (I think).

Anyway, it’s time for Man Time. I think we’re going to do squats while chewing tobacco at the same time. Or maybe we’ll just play Bridge… I don’t know.


~ by presbytide on September 16, 2008.

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