“So… I don’t think you’re flying anywhere today.” That’s how my mom woke me up on September 11th. I was supposed to fly out for Shannon, Ireland that evening. I was going on foreign study for fall semester in ’01 with a bunch of my buddies. So… when my mom woke me up, I was like, “Why are you disturbing me? I was supposed to sleep in to help me deal with jet lag.” But it didn’t take me long to realize something was off. And then she told me what was up.

Watching TV that day was like watching a movie. It didn’t seem real. How could it be? The world was changing before our very eyes. Nothing would ever be the same. It was one of those times when I will remember, to my dying day, where I was, what I was feeling. So eery…

A lot has happened since then. Whether or not you agree with our country’s actions is your business. For me, it’s a difficult issue. But, what I think was so surreal for me, looking back, is that on that day, the global issues that we watch(ed) on the news hit home… quite literally. Everything didn’t feel so foreign anymore. And, for me, what has happened since has been a heightened awareness of worldly issues. Not quite to the point that I’m where I want to be… but I think 9/11 brought to the fore the very fact that our country’s role in the world is significant… for better or for worse. It’s hard for someone to be lukewarm in their feelings about America.

9/11 proved that.


~ by presbytide on September 11, 2008.

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