Presbytide News: 08/25-08/29

Well… we’re about to get into our normal weekly schedule at Westminster Fellowship, with the exception of Ekklesia (alternative worship service) not starting until Sunday evening September 7th @ 5:45 (First Pres.) and Warriors (our women’s group) starting in September as well.

Our theme for Monday nights this fall will be ‘Get Up, Stand Up’: Practicing Faith in a Broken World. We want to be intentional this fall about focusing upon taking our faith into the world and discussing what that looks like. So, we’ll start Monday at the student center with “You’re Eating With Whom?”: Faith and Hospitality. It starts at 6:00 in the student center with dinner @ 7:00 and the second study @ 8:00. If you’re new, welcome! We’re so glad to have you! We’ll be doing some get-to-know-you type things and then look at practicing hospitality in a similar manner to Christ.

Fellas– Man Time starts up this Tuesday. Be at the student center around 7:00. Manly things will be happening… I don’t know what that means. But be there.

Get On Board Day is this Wednesday, by the way. We’ll have a table out on the quad (unless weather changes the location), so if you’re interested in WF, come on by. If you’re already active in WF, come on by. There will be a crew of us hanging out at our table.

Friday Chaos starts next Friday in the student center around 2:00. We’ll be hanging out, being chaotic, talking Bama/Clemson, reveling in Georgia Tech’s Thursday night blowout victory over Jax State (or at least I will), playing games, whatever… it’ll be quite the shindig.

Finally, be aware that the student center will be receiving a facelift within the next couple of weeks. Surround sound, new tv, new carpet, new paint. So just expect that when you walk in… you can already see the effects of said facelift when you look in my office, where there’s a giant slab of concrete exposed. Mmmmm.

That’s all I got for now. Peace.


~ by presbytide on August 23, 2008.

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