Things are a-changin’

I’ve been looking around today, and I see a bunch of people dressed up in purple t-shirts… and I know something’s up. I also see other symptoms of new-ness: U-Hauls, an abundance of parental units straining to carry boxes up and down stairs, an increase in the number of patrons sitting outside at Buffalo Phil’s, and the fact that I’ve almost run over a few more students than normal (including you, Gena Casey). Yep… I guess it’s that time of year: move-in day(s).

This, for me at least, is good news. I mean, I wouldn’t be in my particular line of work if I didn’t have some sort of affinity for the college student. I think it’s all pretty exciting. Plus, let’s be honest: it’s not like Tuscaloosa is the center of all things pulsating during the summer months. Things get a little slooooow around here… which is nice… in June. Come July and August, well, you get the picture.

But I think it’s all very exciting. I really believe this is going to be an awesome year… especially for us at WF. We’re actually going to be renovating the student center a bit within the next couple of weeks. And we have a new worship service getting started at First on Sunday evenings @ 5:45. It’s called Ekklesia… and I’m hoping it’ll be pretty cool. Monday nights will still be Monday nights… but they’ll a bit more thematic. And we’re going back to Montreat in January, we’re doing a mission trip over Spring Break, and I’m sure other things will pop up.

But it all starts this Tuesday night at the Student Center, when we’re having a barbeque. Because, what’s a school year without some open house type stuff to start it all off? After all, it is that time of year…


~ by presbytide on August 14, 2008.

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